Orphans learn to share in time of need – Fr. Andre – 11/19/16

by OLPH Orphanage Foundation

Dear friends,

It has been raining in the North of Haiti for about 3 weeks. The entire Village of Plaine du Nord was flooded on Thursday night of November 17. The new orphanage was flooded too because it is located in the municipality of Plaine du Nord. But, thanks to God, everybody is safe at the orphanage because of the high level of the foundation of the constructions. There is no loss of human being in the village either. But the floods killed a lot of cows, goats and destroyed a lot of house. The adults left the school of the orphanage since yesterday morning, but their kids still stay at the school of the orphanage. The nuns of the orphanage share the food of the orphans with the other kids who are in great need of food. When I visited the orphanage and the pastor of the Plaine du Nord yesterday morning, my orphans said: “Dad (because they call me dad), why don’t you make the other kids stay with us permanently”. They made me laugh, because they do not understand that I would not be able to take care of so many kids for a long time. But, it is a good sign, because it is important for the poor to share what they have with those in greater need…

I am pleased to share the pictures of the kids of the school of the orphanage with you. Among those kids there are our orphans and some other kids who attend our school because the school of the orphanage is open to other kids in the village.

Bye for now. Have a good weekend.
father Andre

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