Month: December 2020

Jwaye Nowe from Haiti!

by OLPH Admin

Jwaye Nowe from Haiti! Merry Christmas!  In Haiti there is a tradition of constructing “Fanals.”  These are cheery little lantern-like houses and churches cut out of paper with candles used to illuminate the colorful tissue paper windows.   The fanals are a century old tradition that, it is said, used to light the way for worshippers for Midnight Mass.   May this rendition of a fanal brighten your night for Christmas Eve.

Nuns to care for orphans have arrived

by OLPH Admin

“Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord” – From Ps 89 of the Sunday Readings of the Catholic Church. The orphans at Our Lady Perpetual Help Orphanage have a renewed reason to sing for joy as the nuns from the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis have arrived to take care of them.  The Mass of installation was celebrated by the Archbishop of Cape Haitian.  All the orphans were in attendance to welcome…

Clinic for orphans and community

by OLPH Admin

“Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God.” – Isaiah 40:1 Today we wanted to tell you of how the projects built for the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage is giving comfort not only to the orphans, but to all those in the surrounding community. Through your efforts, the latest project, a medical clinic, is nearly complete. It will serve many in the area where there is currently minimal access to medical treatment. …

Advent and the Hope of the Orphans

by OLPH Admin

This Advent week’s theme is Hope in the tradition of the Church. For those of you who know Fr. Andre Sylvestre, you know that he is a dreamer who puts his hope in God. He believes his dreams will become a reality for the 38 orphans that are nurtured at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage in Haiti. Not only does Fr. Andre’s dreams impact affect the orphans but also over 400 students in…

Crops grown with great care

by OLPH Admin

At the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage in Haiti care is taken to utilize all resources of the land on which the orphanage is built.  Did you know that they are growing corn, cacao, and bananas to support the nutritional needs of the children and staff?  Praise God for the land and ability to be able to do this! Here is an aerial and close-up view of the crop.

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