History of the Orphanage

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In 2010, Fr André was able to adopt 13 orphans and rented a two-story residence in Cap-Haïtien. In 2016, the initial phase of the orphanage complex was completed and there are currently 35 orphans cared for by the Sisters of Charity of St Louis from Quebec, Canada, and staff. The range of ages of the orphans is 4 to 16…19 boys and 16 girls. These orphans were found in larger city areas and locally in Plaine-du-Nord. Many, if not all, would be on the streets or worse if not for the OLPH Orphanage. Some of the orphans have come to the orphanage near death due to malnutrition and they have been nursed back to health. Please see the brief video of Fr. André Sylvestré speaking of the orphans at a fundraising luncheon at St. Mary Catholic Church in Muncie, Indiana in 2019

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