Moving into the orphanage and future needs – Fr. Andre – 9/7/16

by OLPH Orphanage Foundation

Dear friends,

I am pleased to greet you from Haiti. I hope that my post will find you and your family very well. I am sure that you wonder how I am doing with the kids. Well.  I am tired, but I am fine, thanks to God.  About the construction of the orphanage, everything is not quite completed, but it is livable. We are moving.  Today was the cleaning day.  There were 101 people from my parish who came to help us clean the area of the new orphanage.  I am pleased to send you some pictures via attachments.  You will see:
1) the picture of the 3 nuns who will take care of the kids at the orphanage
2) the staff of the teachers of the new school of the orphanage
3) some of the people who came to clean the area of the new orphanage during the break and lunch time
4) some ladies who were cleaning the cafeteria.
As I said, today was the cleaning day.  Tomorrow will be the day when we will start carrying supplies to the new orphanage.
The nuns will move to the new orphanage on Friday and the kids will join them during the weekend.  We will start school on Monday.
It is a great time in the life of the orphanage and in my life as well.  Please join us to worship and thank God who has been with us throughout our journey.  I want to thank all of those who contributed to make that day happen.  May the God of the orphans bless all of you and your family!
Our course, there are big challenges ahead. I rely on your support to help me to continue to do God’s work. Some of the challenges are:
1) Feeding the current and the  future kids.
Yes, it is a challenge to feed the kids that we have now and those that we will have in the new orphanage.  The new orphanage will be able to welcome 80 orphans when the residence of the nuns will be completed. I rely on you.
2) the salary of the teachers.
The nuns selected 5 qualified teachers for our new school.  They have just graduated from an educational school. But, to keep them, we have to pay them relatively well.  To begin, they are ready to accept the equivalent of $200 a month, that is $2, 400 a year. Can you find someone would will accept to sponsor a teacher for one year? 6 months? 3 months?
3) Vehicle for transportation
The nuns need a vehicle for transportation ( to buy food for the orphanage, to go the hospital when somebody is sick, to go out with the kids, etc.).  Can you or somebody else donate a vehicle of second that is in good shape?
4) the residence of the nuns.
The nuns accept to use one of the 2 residential units for now.  They would like to have their own residence by January.  The foundation of their residence is already completed.
5) the salary of the moms and the cooks
 Those are the challenges I can think of right now.  I rely on you.  Please keep me and the staff of the orphanage in your prayers.  I will keep you posted. May God bless you all and your family!
father Andre

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