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Three orphaned brother – update from Fr. Andre – 11/10/15

by OLPH Orphanage Foundation

Dear friends,

I hope this post will find you and your family very well. From my side, I am fine, thanks to God. My kids orphans are fine too. I want to take this opportunity to share the story of 3 new orphans with you (please see their picture in the attachment).

There was a widow in my parish who passed away one year ago during the delivery of her 10th children. Now, the 10 children have nobody to take of them. The older sister and 2 aunts (from the mother side) are struggling to feed them and they do not attend school. Someone from my parish introduced 3 brothers and her aunt to me and asked me if I can accept them in my orphanage.

Unfortunately, I cannot accept them in my orphanage right now, because of lack of space to welcome new ones. But I promise to welcome them in my new orphanage at the end of June 2016, even if I do not have money to continue the construction of the residence for the orphans. But from now, I accept them in my parish school for free and I provide them uniforms and school supplies. My plan is to give some monthly money to their aunt to feed them until they join us at the orphanage at the end of June 2016, because they are already affected by malnutrition. I have 2 favors to ask you:

1) please help me to take care of those 3 orphans brothers

2) please help me find some donors to complete the construction of the residence for the orphans so that we can move in it at the end of June 2016. I am worried about that deadline, because the owner of the house that I rented to host the orphanage wants us to leave it at the end of June, because he said that I put too many people in his house.

On behalf of all my orphans, I thank you in advance for everything that you will do to help me continue to take care of the orphans. Thank you in advance for your prayers and for the donors that you may find to support to my dream.

father Andre

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