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Construction update – Fr. Andre – 4/22/14

by OLPH Orphanage Foundation

I am very pleased to send you some pictures in order to give you an update about the construction of the new orphanage. In a few days we will have 7, 000 blocks built. They will be ready to be used during the first days of May. Please keep me in your prayers so that I can find some Good Samaritans (benefactors) to help me move forward with the construction of the new orphanage which…

Construction started -update from Fr. Andre – 12/23/13

by OLPH Orphanage Foundation

Dear friends, I am very pleased to take this opportunity to inform you that the construction of the orphanage is finally started. The engineers made the first steps on December 7 and they came back on December 18 with another engineer topographer to complete the studies of the site for the construction of the orphanage. Now, two teams of people are digging. According to the engineers, it will take about two weeks for the two…

Priest: a most unforgettable character

  “The Most Unforgettable Character,” was the theme of a series of articles in Readers Digest, the monthly, American family magazine and for many years the best-selling consumer magazine in the United States. Readers submitted short stories about individuals who had left a lasting impression and were, “Ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things,” many in service to others. I had the honor to again spend time with a man who personifies this description while on…

An Initiative to Share Affection

The Hazen family visited the children of OLPH Orphanage on a “trip of affection.” The family was led by, student, Mary Hazen, and their main goal was to shower the orphans with love and attention. They played games, shared snacks, and sang songs with the children. Through the trip they experienced the power of human connection that came from the children.  

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